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Glenbrook South

To put it simply, Young Life in the Glenbrook South community is a place where kids 


We invite you—yes, YOU!—to join us in the adventure! 


At Young Life, we have certified leaders that love to hang out with kids and are willing to put aside hours of their time to walk with kids through their high school years. Young Life happens through "Club" on Monday nights, "Campaigners" on Wednesday nights, and different Camp trip opportunities--but Young Life leaders can also be spotted supporting kids at lacrosse games, in the crowd at choir concerts, and sitting down talking about life over some ice cream with kids.


Young Life "Club" happens roughly every-other Monday night during the school year in student's homes. Club is a time for anyone and everyone to hang with friends and have a little fun on a Monday night! We sing songs, have dance parties, play ridiculous games, and close the night with a short gospel message from one of our Young Life leaders.

Club will NOT meet during the summer of 2018

Young Life "Campaigners" is an interactive time for students who would like to go deeper in their faith. Campaigners is a space for students to learn and grow, to ask hard questions about God, and to learn together what it means to follow Jesus in high school.
 Campaigners starts this summer, June 13th @ Copetas home

Campaigners meets almost* every Wednesday at 1716 Del Ogier Dr. Glenview / Copetas home

*Wed. June 20th: YL Campaigners; 1408 Sunset Ridge Rd. Glenview / Snyder home

*Wed. June 27th: YL Campaigners; 1501 Kaywood Lane Glenview / Dahiya home​​


June 11, 2018

Golf Outing @ Westmoreland

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We are off to Frontier Ranch in Colorado this Summer!
July 28 - August 5, 2018
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 Young Life exists in communities with adults who support the mission and are willing to invest in its success. Learn more about how you can help Young Life in the Glenview community to thrive by contacting Grady at grady@ylchicago.com


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